We're helping win the race.Sometimes it's difficult to put into words the incredible impact the Ryan Foundation has made for families facing the challenge of an orphan disease. Below are testimonies we've received from patients who sum it up quite well.

The Dant family and the Ryan Foundation benefactors are the Dan Marino’s of the rare disease world.  Due to their combined tireless fundraising efforts, the Foundation, their donors, and the brilliant researchers they chose to support, are the reason a treatment exists for the lysosomal storage disease MPS I (Hurler's Syndrome).  The Foundation has given new lives to thousands of people suffering with this terrible disease and their families.  People look at the Foundation and they inspire hope.  

The drug for MPS I that currently exists is a game changer, but we are in no way in the home stretch.  Fundraising efforts are still vital to create an additional medicine to reach areas (the brain, bones, joints, etc.) which the current drug does not.  To say the Ryan Foundation has changed our lives forever would be an understatement.  Those who support the Foundation are my heroes…
Please consider supporting the Ryan Foundation for Orphan Disease Research.  Pure and simple, they are a proven winner, and we desperately need your help to completely beat this disease.

MPS 1 Patient